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Sodes is pleased to introduce you two new members: the city of Sorel-Tracy and WSP



City of Sorel-Tracy

With its 35,000 inhabitants and its 56 km2 territory, Sorel-Tracy is the economic, industrial, tourist and cultural capital of the Pierre-De Saurel MRC.
Conveniently located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence River and the Richelieu River, Sorel-Tracy is the fourth oldest city in Canada. It is the gateway to Lac-Saint-Pierre and its archipelago with 103 islands; a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

Sorel-Tracy remains a city where the maritime and port sector has always played a key role in its development. Industrial port area, Sorel-Tracy today has more than 7 million square feet of land, in industrial zone, to continue its development. These lands are adjacent to a major infrastructure conversion project from the former Hydro-Québec thermal power plant to a marine terminal. This project will provide investors with business opportunities to take advantage of a multimodal platform to reach their North American and global markets.



Across several decades of maritime experience, WSP has successfully advised, planned, designed, and managed the construction of hundreds of port facilities, marine infrastructure, and coastal facilities worldwide.

WSP delivers innovative, value-engineered outcomes based on a thorough understanding of the challenges and risks that confront this multifaceted sector. It is committed to incorporating the principles of sustainability and resiliency into every phase of our projects. WSP is one of the world’s leading engineering professional services consulting firms. We bring together approximately 43,600 talented people, based in 550 offices, across 40 countries. In Canada WSP represents 8 100 employees. We are technical experts who design comprehensive and sustainable solutions and engineer projects that will help societies grow for lifetimes to come.