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In 2020, WHAT PLACE WILL the maritime industry occupy in the québec media and within government?

On February 27, in the context of its very first luncheon conference of the year, the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) will release the results of a study conducted by the firm TACT, an expert in analyzing perceptions and in organizations’ strategic positioning.

SODES wishes to launch its 2020 programming by presenting facts and figures that will enable you to better understand the maritime industry’s place in the Québec media ecosystem and at the heart of government policy directions and decisions, in anticipation of the next maritime strategy, soon to be announced by the Québec government.

As you know, the maritime industry and its players are increasingly in the spotlight…sometimes for the right reasons, sometimes for the wrong ones. Like other industries, more and more, we exist in a fishbowl. Below the radar for a long time, our industry is now being observed, analyzed and criticized. The public, opinion leaders, the media and governments have a certain knowledge and perception of our industry and our issues. But what is it? This is one of the questions that TACT speakers will answer as they share data with us from an exclusive study on our industry’s place in 2020. These revealing findings will help us to be better informed and to empower our organizations in their future decisions.

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