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Quebec City, October 25, 2016 – Under the banner Speaking with one voice, the 16th edition of Québec Marine Day (QMD), the major annual get-together for elected officials and marine sector representatives, finished off at the National Assembly of Québec. Some 40 marine industry actors met with the National Assembly’s parliamentarians to ensure correspondence between the industry’s priorities and the Government’s projects, notably the Maritime Strategy.

Speaking with one voice
This year’s theme, Speaking with one voice, highlights the St. Lawrence River’s central role in our economy while recalling the importance of effective communication for developing any far-reaching project. “At a time when the marine sector has been identified as an economic development tool, more than ever, QMD is an invitation for industry and government partners to work together”, said Nicole Trépanier, President and Chief Executive Officer of the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES).

The organizers of this annual event, SODES and St. Lawrence Shipoperators, used Québec Marine Day to inform elected officials of the marine sector’s economic spinoffs and of the different initiatives aimed at heightening the sector’s visibility and promoting its overall growth. “The meetings organized as part of Québec Marine Day also provided an opportunity to remind elected representatives of the measures the Government should put in place to generate the Maritime Strategy’s tangible benefits”, stated Martin Fournier, Executive Director of St. Lawrence Shipoperators.

Québec Marine Day
Organized jointly by SODES and St. Lawrence Shipoperators, Québec Marine Day was officially recognized by a government Order-in-Council in 2002 and runs the 4th Tuesday in October at the National Assembly of Québec. The event allows representatives of the Québec marine industry to meet with parliamentarians to inform them of current and future issues.

Closing cocktail party
Québec Marine Day closed with a cocktail party at the National Assembly’s Le Parlementaire restaurant, attended by some 130 marine sector representatives and parliamentarians. The Minister for Maritime Affairs, Jean D’Amour, was on hand and addressed those present.

About St. Lawrence Shipoperators
St. Lawrence Shipoperators’ mission is to represent and promote the interests of domestic ship operators in order to support their growth and develop shipping on the St. Lawrence River. Representing a fleet of more than 130 vessels, our 13 active members generate thousands of direct jobs and many hundreds of millions of dollars in economic spinoffs throughout Canada.

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) plays a key role with regard to economic activity linked to the St. Lawrence River, acting as the voice of the maritime community by representing its interests and projects in all forums and before all authorities where the River’s economic future is at stake. With its many members from all walks of life, SODES works to develop the St. Lawrence in keeping with sustainable development principles.


Information and interviews:

Anne-Marie Desmeules
Project Officer and Analyst
St. Lawrence Shipoperators

Ariane Charette
Communications Coordinator
St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES)


The marine industry’s economic contribution
• The marine industry (shipping, port activities, related services) contributes more than $2.3 billion to Québec’s GDP;
• It represents revenues of $682 million for the governments of Québec ($501 M) and Canada ($181 M);
• The marine industry promotes trade and generates spinoffs for all Québec regions thanks to a network of 20 ports and terminals within the province.

Source: Québec Marine Industry Economic Impact, St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES), February 2012.


  • Direct jobs: 13 200
  • Total jobs: 27 000 (including indirect and induced jobs)
  • Breakdown:
    • Navigating personnel: 37% of all human resources
    • Non-navigating personnel: 63%
  • Hiring outlook:
    • 3-year: 1 966
    • 5-year: 2 689
  • Employers
    • 366 companies:
      • Ship operators: 7%
      • Cruise ships and tour boats: 20%
      • Ports and port authorities: 8%
      • Port services: 24%
      • Marine services: 34%
      • Ferries: 7%

Source: Portrait de la main-d’œuvre dans l’industrie maritime, Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry (CSMOIM), November 2013.