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Québec City, October 24, 2017 – It was under the banner Ship differently + effectively that the 17th edition of Québec Marine Day (QMD), the key annual meeting between elected officials and marine-sector representatives, ran today at the National Assembly of Québec. Some 40 maritime-industry stakeholders met with NAQ parliamentarians to ensure alignment between industry priorities and government projects, in particular the Québec Maritime Strategy.

The organizers of this annual event—the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) and the St. Lawrence Shipoperators—used Québec Marine Day to inform elected officials of the socioeconomic advantages the marine sector offers and the environmental benefits shipping generates for all Quebeckers. “The meetings organized for Québec Marine Day also helped remind elected officials, in a pre-election context, of the importance ensuring the Québec Maritime Strategy’s long-term sustainability”, pointed out St. Lawrence Shipoperators Executive Director Martin Fournier. “The Maritime Strategy is a forward-looking project that offers business opportunities in all Québec regions and must remain a government priority”, added SODES President-CEO Nicole Trépanier.

Ship differently + effectively
This year’s theme, Ship differently + effectively, highlights the importance of reviewing the way we think about transportation and logistics, in keeping with the momentum of the Québec government’s efforts in its fight against climate change and to ensure a successful energy transition. Shipping, the top-ranking transport mode in terms of eco-friendly performance, is a choice partner for achieving these goals. Together, we must reflect on the methods and means to implement to build an effective, innovative, sustainable transport system.

Québec Marine Day
Organized jointly by SODES and the St. Lawrence Shipoperators, Québec Marine Day is held annually on the 4th Tuesday in October at the National Assembly of Québec. Officially recognize by government Order-in-Council in 2002, QMD allows Québec marine-industry representatives to meet with parliamentarians to inform them about current and future files.

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council plays a frontline role in economic activity linked to the St. Lawrence River, acting as the voice of the maritime community by representing its interests and projects in all forums and before all authorities where the River’s economic future is at stake. With its many members from various backgrounds, SODES works to develop the St. Lawrence in keeping with sustainable development principles.

About St. Lawrence Shipoperators
St. Lawrence Shipoperators is mandated to represent and promote the interests of domestic ship operators to support their growth and develop shipping on the St. Lawrence River. Representing a fleet of more than 130 vessels, the St. Lawrence Shipoperators’ 15 active members generate thousands of direct jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic spinoffs in Canada.


Information and interviews:

Ariane Charette
Communications Coordinator
St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES)

Myriam Beauchamp
Environment and Communications Project Manager
St. Lawrence Shipoperators


*Shipping’s environmental performance:

  • Best performance in terms of energy efficiency
  • Number of kilometers covered on one (1) liter of fuel to move one (1) tonne of cargo:
    • Truck: 35 km
    • Train: 213 km
    • Ship: 243 km
  • Low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
    • Grams of CO2 emitted per cargo-tonne-kilometer
      • Truck: 75.5 g
      • Train: 14.2 g
      • Ship: 11.9 g