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Oceanex, which provides transportation services via the Port of Montreal to Newfoundland and Labrador, is investing more than $8 million to add 125 new 53-foot refrigerated containers to its fleet.

The addition of the new equipment will increase Oceanex’s capacity for the transportation of fresh and frozen goods from Central Canada to Newfoundland and Labrador by 400 per cent,” said Captain Sid Hynes, Executive Chairman of Oceanex. The containers will be delivered in November.

“More and more of our existing customers are looking to us to handle their temperature-controlled business moving to the island,” Captain Hynes said. “Customers are pleased with our on-time performance for their dry goods and looking for the same level of service for their fresh and frozen goods.”

The investment is “part of a long-time commitment to the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and our goal of becoming the largest and most successful transportation company in eastern Canada,” Captain Hynes said.

Oceanex has worked with its partners, suppliers and customers to develop the 53-foot marine-rated refrigerated containers. The containers are designed to operate on electric power at terminals and on board vessels, further reducing air emissions and improving the company’s environmental footprint.

As part of the enhancement of its temperature-controlled transportation systems, Oceanex has also invested in state-of-the-art temperature monitoring equipment, spare parts inventory, and employee training for servicing the new equipment.

Oceanex offers a complete range of shipping and trucking services to Newfoundland and Labrador from anywhere in North America. It provides twice-weekly service from the Port of Montreal to St. John’s aboard theOceanex Connaigra, a 1,300-TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) container roll-on/roll-off vessel that carries containers, trailers and motor vehicles, and theOceanex Avalon, a 1,004-TEU load-on/load-off vessel that was specially designed with moveable cell guides to convert 40-foot cells to 53-foot cells in order to accommodate anticipated future growth in the 53-foot container market. In Montreal, the vessels call at Bickerdike Terminal, operated by Empire Stevedoring.

Oceanex also provides twice-weekly service from Halifax to St. John’s aboard the Oceanex Sanderling.

Source: PortInfo Magazine