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L’Islet, August 25, 2016 — On August 20, during the La Fête des Chants de marins seafarers’ songs activity, whose Northern-based theme was Cap au Nord, the Musée maritime du Québec (MMQ) honored Suzanne Paquin, President and CEO of NEAS (Nunavut et Nunavik Eastern Arctic Shipping), for her outstanding more-than-25-year contribution to the development of maritime transport services in the Arctic.

An extraordinary woman
Vision, perseverance, tenacity, uprightness and frankness…are all qualities defining this businesswoman. Extremely committed, she participates in numerous platforms and working groups. These outstanding qualities make it possible to develop first-rate services in regions where conditions are extreme and logistics are complex. Ms. Paquin runs NEAS with a constant eye to the human element, always asking whether it is possible to contribute positively to the sustainable economic development of the people and communities of the Far North. At the MMQ, she pointed out: “We work hard to achieve these results. In addition to our economic responsibilities, we have social obligations. Challenges that remain to be met include ensuring the safety and security of the populations living near unloading zones. My friends, I am sincerely moved by this honor. Thank you.”


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