The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is proud to be able to count on the support of a varied membership, which brings together all maritime community stakeholders. SODES members represent areas as diverse as: elevators and terminals, shippers, ports, carriers, municipal and regional governments, maritime associations, service and equipment suppliers, institutions, etc.

SODES strives to be the marine sector’s voice vis-à-vis governments on matters related to St. Lawrence economic activity and development, including cargo and passenger transportation, regional development and the environment.

SODES offers its members many services, including :

1- Representation and consultation:

To speak with one voice and be better heard

  • Participation in numerous committees that work on issues concerning members (marine regulations, the environment, development, etc.)
  • Organization of Québec Marine Day 

To benefit from analyses that support marine industry development

  • Drafting of briefs and positions on political issues
  • Production of studies
2- Communications and events:

To track marine-related files

  • Publication of Sodes NewsFlashes, short updates on the main files Sodes is working on

To offer new business opportunities

  • Organization of four (4) luncheon conferences a year. Preferred access to Québec maritime industry players

To enhance public awareness

SODES welcomes new members and allows their voices to be heard. Organizations and companies wishing to promote the St. Lawrence economy and its development can become SODES members.
Being a SODES member means participating fully in a network featuring information, expertise and action that brings together companies and organizations from all maritime and industrial sectors linked to the St. Lawrence River.

Becoming a SODES member means participating fully in a prefferred information, expertise and actions network that brings together companies, organizations and institutions from all marine and industrial sectors linked to the St. Lawrence.

Download the membership information package. 

If you wish to become a member, please complete the membership form.