Crédit photo : Louis Rhéaume
Crédit photo : Louis Rhéaume

St. Lawrence – Great Lakes Trade Corridor study update

For years now, the St. Lawrence – Great Lakes Trade Corridor file has been a priority for SODES. In 2013, the project to update the study initially conducted in 2008 resulted from a meeting with Canadian Minister of Transport Denis Lebel, who stressed the importance of getting information on the Corridor in order to plan the next federal infrastructure program.

This update allowed us to identify the actions required to maintain the Trade Corridor’s competitiveness. More importantly, the exercise carried out by SODES showed continuity in St. Lawrence – Great Lakes system users’ needs. In fact, the recommendations issued in 2008 are still relevant. And, new choices and challenges linked to the world economic situation and growth in markets trends have emerged. The results of this process were presented in a document published in winter 2013 and containing about 40 recommendations. The purpose of the exercise was to build a consensus among users to ensure the future of the St. Lawrence – Great Lakes system.

Download the unabridged version of the study
Download the summary of the study

Photo credit : Port de Québec
Photo credit : Port de Québec

St. Lawrence – Great Lakes Trade Corridor follow-up committee

The St. Lawrence – Great Lakes Trade Corridor follow-up committee, coordinated by SODES, was created in the wake of the updated study’s publication. The committee’s work is aimed at setting priorities among the 40-or-so recommendations made and reaching a consensus on a medium-term and long-term development vision in order to increase volumes transported in the Corridor. The follow-up committee has 15 members representing St. Lawrence – Great Lakes Trade Corridor users. Each of the following sectors is represented :

  • Canadian port authorities
  • Domestic ship owners/operators
  • International ship owners/
  • Operators
  • Government of Canada
  • Québec government
  • Regional ports
  • Related services and activities
  • Land transportation

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