The Marine Information System (MIS) is a joint Innovation maritime – SODES project, carried out in collaboration with the five Canadian port authorities located in Québec, the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada, Transport Québec and the Secrétariat aux affaires maritimes.

Carried out under the auspices of the Marine Industry Forum, the project involves numerous partners who, in sharing their data, experience and expertise, make it possible to offer an essential information tool to those interested in marine-sector development.

The MIS provides access to analyses and value-added information on shipping traffic (vessels and cargo) on the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers. E-newsletters and a web interface enabling users to consult data and conduct personalized queries are the preferred dissemination tools and can be accessed via an annual subscription.

Whether you are a ship operator, pilot, stevedore, port authority professional, public servant, head of a waterfront municipality, researcher, marine-sector goods or services supplier, socioeconomic development stakeholder, journalist or simply interested in the marine sector, the MIS is for you and contains quality, up-to-date information to meet your needs.

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