SODES, in collaboration with St. Lawrence Shipoperators, organizes Québec Marine Day, held each year on the 4th Tuesday in October at the National Assembly. This event allows marine industry representatives to meet with elected members of the National Assembly to inform them about current and upcoming files. The Québec government officially recognized the event in 2002.
The event is strictly reserved for the two organizations’ members.

2019 edition

The 19th edition of Québec Marine Day will take place on October 22 under the banner “Get on board with us!”.

The St. Lawrence marine industry has the wind in its sails, witness the many port development projects, infrastructure and fleet modernization, digital transformation and the conclusion of numerous trade agreements. To maintain this strategic position and remain competitive, however, we must anticipate future needs and challenges today.

To ensure the Québec marine economy’s sustainable growth, we must continue to hone our maritime expertise, encourage technological innovation, invest in modern infrastructures and ensure sufficient, qualified human resources. From this viewpoint, ongoing cooperation between the industry and the government is essential.

2018 edition

The 18th edition of Québec Marine Day will take place on October 23, 2018 under the banner “Join the Movement”.

The international scene was recently marked by events likely to shake up commercial trade worldwide and have far-reaching repercussions on the shipping industry in Québec, where the will of many economic and political players to recognize the advantages shipping offers has contributed to the latter’s development. In this context, it is important that the Québec government and marine industry continue to work in close collaboration to maintain and enhance Québec’s competitiveness vis-à-vis the international competition and to pursue efforts to ensure a strong, prosperous marine industry.


2017 edition

The 17th edition of Québec Marine Day, whose theme is “Ship differently + effectively”, will run on October 24.

In keeping with the momentum of the Québec government’s efforts in its fight against climate change and to ensure a successful energy transition, it is vital to review the way we think about transportation and logistics. Shipping, the top-ranking transport mode in terms of eco-friendly performance, is a choice partner for achieving these goals. Together, we must reflect on the methods and means to implement to build an effective, innovative, sustainable transport system.


2016 edition

The 16th edition of Quebec Marine Day (QMD) will be held on October 25th, 2016, under the banner “Speaking with one voice“.