Photo credit : Louis Rhéaume
Photo credit : Louis Rhéaume

The Marine Industry Forum is a consensus-seeking forum comprising Quebec marine industry stakeholders and government. It was created to ensure the effective, coordinated implementation of the initiatives proposed in the Québec Marine Transportation Policy adopted in June 2001.

The Marine Industry Forum is currently involved in implementing Quebec’s Maritime Strategy, released on June 29, 2015.

The Forum is co-chaired by the Minister of Transports, François Bonnardel, and the SODES Chairman of the Board, Mario Girard. SODES partners with Transports Québec’s Maritime Transportation and St. Lawrence Promotion Department to run the Forum secretariat.

Maritime Strategy

Since the release of the Maritime Strategy, the Forum enabled marine industry representatives to voice their investment priorities in
the context of the its implementation. The creation of three working groups, which SODES belongs to or co-chairs, also enabled work to be done on the following specific issues:

  • Update of the strategic commercial trading port network ranking produced in 2002
  • Implementation of a maritime information system, a tool for collecting and disseminating statistical data linked to the sector
  • Ship channel competitiveness