The St. Lawrence Award (SLA) recognizes outstanding Québec marine-sector companies and individuals. It is the only award of its kind in Québec and has been presented annually in early fall since 1992.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Have accomplished an outstanding feat, have a remarkable economic performance to one’s credit or have shown leadership in the area of sustainable development over the last year
  • Be a positive marine industry representative (responsible behaviour)

Selection process


Under the auspices of the SODES President in conjunction with various marine-sector partners, a maximum of seven (7) potential candidates are pre-selected from February to August.


A selection committee, appointed by the SODES Board of Directors, composed of five (5) people from various sectors representing the marine industry, receives the pre-selected candidates’ information. In September, the committee members, SODES President and person in charge of the file at Head Office meet to discuss the applications and select three finalists.

Final vote

The jury is appointed by SODES management and comprises three non-marine industry leaders (transportation, environment, media, business, education sectors, etc.). After having analyzed the three finalists’ files, the jury determines the winner of the St. Lawrence Award.


SLA award winners enjoy long-term visibility :

  • Visibility in the SODES monthly newsletter (“Industry Portrait” section) and a press release forwarded to our contacts;
  • Visibility on the St. Lawrence Award page of the SODES website for one year;
  • Visibility in SODES information packages;
  • Invitation to participate in SODES’ four luncheon conferences, seated at the head table at the November luncheon conference;
  • Photos and profile on screen during the awards ceremony

Past winners

2014: Sylvie Vachon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Montreal Port Authority
2013: David Bolduc, Executive Director, Green Marine
2012: Canada Steamship Lines
2011: Les Amis de la Vallée du Saint-Laurent
2010: Port of Sept-Îles
200: Groupe Desgagnés
2008: Groupe Desgagnés
2007: Aluminerie Alouette
2006: Québec Stevedoring
2005: Port of Québec
2004: Logistec
2002: Fêtes du Québec maritime
2001: IMTT-Québec
2000: Cruise the Saint Lawrence Association
1999: The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation
1998: Ocean Group
1997: Canadian Maritime Agency
1996: Fednav
1995: Oceanex
1994: Groupe AML
1993: Groupe Desgagnés
1992: Canadian Maritime Agency & OOCL Canada

Commitment and consent

Award winners agree to attend the SLA awards ceremony, which takes place during the closing cocktail party of Québec Marine Day, the 4th Tuesday in October every year in the National Assembly. They also agree to let their name, profile, personal and other photos taken during the awards ceremony be used, without payment, for advertising or promotional purposes in the context of current and future SLA-related activities.