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SODES and COSBC Working Together

Chamber of shipping of BC SODES_coul

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) and the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia (COSBC) are pleased to announce the sustainable collaboration they have established to better defend Canadian marine industry interests.

In keeping with their shared vision, SODES and COSBC have partnered up to work on a number of issues linked to the industry’s development and its future “SODES has always used this type of expertise-sharing to rally the industry’s forces and address governments with a united voice,” points out SODES President Nicole Trépanier.

St. Lawrence Economic Development Council
For more than 25 years, SODES has played a key role in St. Lawrence River-related economic activity. It is the spokesbody for the maritime community, representing its interests and projects in all forums and before all bodies where our economic future is at stake.

Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia
Established in 1923, COSBC has a diverse membership within the marine community and represents the interests of international shipping and supporting entities conducting business on the west coast of Canada. For more information on shipping and new projects in British Columbia visit: or