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The Sixth Acquisition of 2017
Another First in Canada and Worldwide!
Quebec City, December 20, 2017 — It is with great pride that Desgagnés has recently taken delivery of the M/T Mia Desgagnés, whose construction has been recently completed in Turkey. She is a new-generation product tanker with state-of-the-art technology. Second in a series of four product carriers, she is custom-built according to an original concept developed by Desgagnés and ordered at the Besiktas shipyard located in Yalova near Istanbul, Turkey.
“The addition of the Mia Desgagnés to the Desgagnés fleet — as for the addition of the Damia Desgagnés earlier this year — is the result of multiple innovations and tremendous work; she is the source of great pride” said Mr. Louis-Marie Beaulieu, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Desgagnés, who adds: « The Damia Desgagnés and Mia Desgagnés once again tangibly demonstrate the extent of Desgagnés’s vision and leadership with regards to sustainable development as well as its commitment to its clientele in order to offer a first-class, safe and more environmentally-friendly marine transportation service for petroleum products”.
The Mia Desgagnés, sixth in a series of ship acquisitions by Desgagnés in 2017, is a dual-fuel/LNG oil/product and chemical tanker. She is the first in Canada of this type. Her most notable characteristic is that she can be powered by any of three types of fuel, namely heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil or liquefied natural gas (LNG), which has undeniable advantages in terms of sustainable development by drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, amongst others.
At the global level, the Mia Desgagnés is the first dual-fuel/LNG product/chemical tanker in service holding a Polar 7 ice class, confirming her capacity to navigate in ice-laden waters.

Also on the international scene, she is the first to navigate in all seas of the world equipped with her own individual high-efficiency equipment for LNG bunkering, enabling the vessel to receive LNG by using up to 4 tanker trucks simultaneously. This unique feature enables her to be fuelled efficiently in any port where LNG cryogenic delivery trucks are available, providing her flexibility and unique world operation capabilities in dual-fuel mode. “The innovative bunkering system of the Mia Desgagnés, which will also be installed onboard our three other dual-fuel/LNG oil tankers, will contribute to stimulating the development of LNG distribution logistics in several ports, even those with limited infrastructure” Mr. Beaulieu specified.
The Mia Desgagnés is double-hulled and has a deadweight of 15,000 tons at 7.8 meters draft. Her cargo tanks can hold up to 17,505 m3 at 98% capacity. She is equipped with a Wartsila 5RT-flex 50DF engine developing 5,450 kW power. To ensure outstanding manoeuvrability and to optimize safety, she is equipped with a variable pitch-propeller, a 750kW bow thruster, a 550kW stern thruster and a dynamic positioning system.

This vessel represents an investment exceeding $50 million, of which almost $9 million are dedicated solely to the dual-fuel/LNG motorization. “It is a very significant investment, clearly showing Desgagnés’s commitment to sustainable development, and is in line with the environmental objectives of the government of Québec”, declared Mr. Beaulieu, who also insisted on sincerely thanking the Québec Government for its $700 000 financial contribution to the project, allocated within the framework of the assistance program related to the improvement of transportation efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (PETMAF).
The M/T Mia Desgagnés has sailed recently. She will perform her first deliveries in Europe prior to heading to North America, all subject to the cargoes that she will be carrying.
About Desgagnés
Desgagnés, whose headquarters are in Quebec City, is a conglomerate that has specialized since the 19th century in marine transportation of liquid bulk, general cargo, dry bulk and passengers. Its activities also extend to ship repair as well as the rental and operation of heavy machinery. Desgagnés owns and operates a fleet of ships that navigate on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, the Canadian Arctic, the East coasts of Canada and the United States and all the seas of the world. With an annual turnover nearing 275 million dollars, Desgagnés creates over 1,000 jobs in peak season with a payroll exceeding 70 million dollars.

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