St. Lawrence EXPRESS, September, 2014

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Given the current context of unprecedented interest in the marine industry, SODES has decided to launch a
promotional offensive to contact groups which, too often, say they know little or nothing about our activity

Learn more about the promotion campaign of the Marine Industry by consulting this newsletter.

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St. Lawrence EXPRESS, May, 2014

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Jean D’Amour’s appointment to the position of Minister for Transport and the Implementation of the Maritime Strategy is a clear sign of the government’s desire to prioritize the marine sector as a tool for economic development.

With this appointment, the Liberal Party’s vision, as announced in its 2014 election platform, “to increase the economic spinoffs resulting from activities linked to the St. Lawrence River”, has a good chance of materializing.

Le Saint-Laurent EXPRESS, May, 2014

St. Lawrence EXPRESS, April, 2014

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The electoral campaign ended with a Québec Liberal Party (PLQ) victory. Overall, the Liberals won 70 of the National Assembly’s 125 seats. The Parti québécois (PQ) was defeated, finishing with 30 elected representatives compared to 54 in 2012. The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) consolidated its position moving from the previous election’s 19 MNAs to 22 this time around.

For Québec’s maritime community, the recent electoral campaign was unprecedented because the St. Lawrence River and the economic activity it generates were central to campaign commitments on several occasions. As you know, each of the three main parties presented a project based on the St. Lawrence’s economic development.

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