Assises québécoises du secteur maritime 2023

Organisées par la Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent (Sodes), les Assises avaient réuni l’an dernier plus de 300 acteurs gravitant autour de l’écosystème maritime québécois. Cette année, dans une formule hybride, les AQSM 2022 prévoient plusieurs ateliers consacrés aux thématiques suivantes :

La gestion des infrastructures maritimes
La décarbonation de la chaine logistique
Les métiers du futur
La cohabitation avec les communautés portuaires

Activities of the Quebec Marine Day 2021

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Calender of conference**

Conference in Rimouski : Projet Mars

Conference in Québec : Gaston Déry

Activities for children (in school)

The Marine Industry, a whole world to discover!

In hope to raise awareness to the marine industry and how it has an impact in all of our daily life, we offer activities to teacher in Quebec that will help explore the posibility during the class of ethic and religious cultures. The activity is available to pre-k to high schollers.

On the 26th of October, in collaboration with SODES ans The Sectorial Committee (CSMOIM). The team of the Institution of maritime of Quebec will animate virtual activities to demistify jobs in the industry.

Here is the link to apply for an activity and receive the material for your class before the 26.

By participating in the day, you will be eligible to the contest and maybe win one of the many prices.

  • Schools need a good internet connection, an interactif board or Tablet/celle phone to participate during the interactive activites.


** All activities are available only in French






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Quebec Marine Day 2021

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2021 Edition


The 21st  edition of the Quebec Marine Day will be on the 26th Octobre 2021 under the theme ” The Marine Industry, a whole world to discover”.

While the Quebec was on hold to stop the progression of COVID-19 and that all terrestrial frontier were closed, the marine industry was making sure that the chain of supply never stopped. Activities and entreprises specialised in transport of supply were working hard to make sure that every ship and cargo went as usual.

Today, while the government is working on our economic recovery post-pandemic, the marine industry wants more than ever play a role as a leader.

To learn more on job opportunities, environmental, energic transition and economic regional growth, make sure to follow us the 26*.

*All activities are only in French.