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Trois-Rivières, January 7, 2016 – The ceremony highlighting the arrival of the first ship of the year 2016 was held today. The vessel Anette, operated and chartered by MST Mineralien Schiffahrt Gmbh and sailing under Liberian flag, was the first foreign vessel to reach, non-stop, the port of Trois-Rivières on January 6, becoming the first vessel of 2016. Built in 2003 this bulk carrier, 179 meters long and 23 meters wide, has a load capacity of 25,568 metric tons.

Photo Anette 2016
Photo: Éric Massicotte

From Vila do Conde Brazil, the Anette and its Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian and Croatia crew, will assure delivery of a cargo of 11,206 metric tons of liquid clay. The vessel is moored at section 20 of the port of Trois-Rivières for a period of approximately 1 day. During its stay in Trois-Rivières, it is represented by Lower St-Lawrence Ocean Agencies Ltd while the unloading is undertaken by Servitank, a subsidiary of Groupe Somavrac.

To mark the occasion, a reproduction of a painting from a local artist, Mrs. Caroline St-Pierre, was given to the master Mr. Peter Demcak and to the chief engineer Mr. Peter Madarcik.

Navigating ice-covered waters: the challenge continues

The ceremony highlighting the arrival of the first vessel of the year brings forward the crew members who navigate on the St. Lawrence River during winter. Winter navigation is now possible, more than ever, thanks to the efforts of many actors in the river system. These include the Canadian Coast Guard, whose ice breakers keep the channel open between Quebec and Montréal during the winter.

How do ships navigate in the winter?

To navigate on the St. Lawrence during the winter, the ships lighten their cargo. They also need a reinforced hull, an adapted engine water cooling system (to prevent ice build-up) and be equipped with high-performance navigation equipments, like high-efficiency radars, to facilitate their passage through ice field.


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