The Maritime Information Bureau (MIB) is a SODES initiative born of the fact that, while the maritime sector is a cornerstone in Québec’s development, people know little about it. Furthermore, media coverage of the marine industry is often negative and sometimes even wrong, causing misinformation to circulate. The maritime industry has been called to play a growing role in the future, and a “gateway” is needed to disseminate data and answer information requests.

The Maritime Information Bureau has been created to efficiently disseminate relevant, factual, maritime industry-related information to the media, elected officials and the public. The Bureau’s role includes coordination, content aggregation and resource and information pooling, in addition to providing ongoing, easy access to the expertise of industry players and enhancing the marine sector’s visibility.

The MIB is the maritime industry reference for those wishing to:

  • speak to a marine-sector expert
  • find the answer to a question about the St. Lawrence and the Saguenay rivers (for example)
  • get specific information on safety and security, the environment, navigation and any other subject related to the maritime industry


Photo credit: Louis Rhéaume
Photo credit: Louis Rhéaume