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Maritime Information Bureau launch

Quebec City, June 10, 2015 – Key maritime industry players have announced the creation of the Maritime Information Bureau (MIB), a new quick access to experts and information about the marine sector, its spinoffs and its activities in Quebec. The purpose of this single information window is to help the media, elected officials and the public get relevant, factual marine-industry-related information quickly and efficiently.

“We have opted for the single-window formula, grouping all of the relevant information in one location to better demystify the Québec maritime industry’s role, involvement and impacts. Recent news coverage has shown that the public and some elected officials know little about our industry. It was unthinkable for us to stand idly by while misinformation was being circulated”, said Nicole Trépanier, President of the St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES).

Gateway to the maritime industry
The maritime industry reference, the MIB groups together shippers, mining companies, forwarders, environmental organizations, ports, pilot corporations, municipalities and many other partners.

With today’s official launch, the MIB has become the reference for those wishing to:

  • speak to a marine-sector expert
  • find the answer to a question about the St. Lawrence and the Saguenay rivers (for example)
  • get specific information on safety and security, the environment, navigation and any other subject related to the maritime industry.

For questions about the Quebec maritie industry, call:



Ariane Charette, Communications Coordinator
Maritime Information Bureau
Cell: 581-996-5823
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