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Québec City, March 22, 2018 – The Maritime Information Bureau (MIB), a one-stop information window and the reference for all questions regarding the marine industry and the key issues affecting it, is pleased to announce that, in future, Lyne Morissette will be our expert in files related to marine mammals and marine ecosystems.

With a PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia’s Fisheries Centre, Lyne Morissette is an internationally recognized expert in marine mammal ecology, conservation and biodiversity, and has published her work in the most prestigious journals, including “Science”. Popular for her ability to put science into layman’s terms, at the request of mainstream media (Explora, Radio-Canada, etc.), Dr. Morissette regularly speaks on subjects related to the oceans and marine life.

Given her expertise, Lyne Morissette will be consulted on the content of the Maritime Information Bureau website and on revision of its info updates, especially on topics related to marine mammals and marine ecosystems.

In Lyne Morissette’s view: “The most effective means of protecting the St. Lawrence is to know more about it in order to better understand it. I am proud to be able to collaborate with the Maritime Information Bureau to share the latest knowledge on St. Lawrence biodiversity and, in this way, participate in disseminating verified, factual information”. She also acts as an environmental mediator.

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Céline Schaldembrand, Communications coordinator
Maritime information bureau
Cell:1 418-520-9892