Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre

  • In 2005, the Maritime Simulation and Resource Centre of the Corporation of Lower St. Lawrence Pilots acquired a navigation simulator in order to respond to the industry’s training and professional
    Simulateur principal-CSEM
    Principal simulator – photo credit MSRC

    development needs.

  • Today, the Centre boasts one principal simulator, two bridge simulators and one tug simulator. Each one of these high tech simulators have their own functions thus providing users with an essential learning experience.
  • The simulators are able to display different scenarios related to navigational safety, pilotage, movements in restrained waters, and emergency situations.
  • Additionally, with its simulators, the Centre can reproduce maritime engineering projects virtually, in order to validate the operational feasibility of a port project. This is done by creating realistic conditions of the proposed port and simulating the manoeuvering of ships.