Marine industry stakeholders implement emergency response plans on land, at sea and in port facilities. Regular simulation exercises are carried out to validate their efficiency and ensure ongoing improvement.

Examples of emergency management programs on board vessels:

  • A tested emergency plan and a contingency plan must be available on each vessel
  • A drill program covering all emergency situations is implemented on board each vessel, according to well-defined schedules
  • Monthly onboard health, safety and environment inspections

Examples of emergency management programs on land:

  • Contingency plan available at head office
  • Competent emergency response team ready, with well-defined roles and responsibilities
  • Crisis management room is permanently maintained at head office
  • Training and drill program prepared to validate and continuously improve intervention capacity

Examples of emergency management programs in port facilities:

Photo credit : David Bolduc
Photo credit : David Bolduc
  • Safe, controlled facilities
  • Qualified personnel is always present during operations
  • Very high level of operational procedures
  • Training and regular drills
  • Risk management plan integrated into the plan where the port is located