The marine industry, an oceanful of advantages for Quebec’s region

The marine industry economic benefits are:

  • 25 000 jobs on land and at sea
  • 330 businesses
  • A $2.3-billion share of Québec’s gross domestic product (GDP), representing 0,75% of GDP
  • $1 billion in wages
  • $600 million in tax receipts
  • 147 million tonnes of cargo transhipped
  •  ¾ of all transshipped goods are international goods.

Source: Quebec Marine Industry Economic Impact Study, SODES, 2012

Breakdown of marine companies by category in 2013

Répartition emplois ANG


Source: Sectorial Study on Quebec’s marine industry human resources, CSMOIM, 2013 

St. Lawrence – Great Lakes trade corridor: a natural gateway for trade in North America

  • 4th largest economic zone in North America after California, Texas and New York
  • Almost 45% of international traffic in Canada
  • 8 of Canada’s 15 biggest ports (in terms of tonnage handled in 2011) are located on the St. Lawrence–Great Lakes Trade Corridor
  • In 2011, 4 of the biggest ports (in terms of tonnage handled) are located in Quebec (Québec, Montreal, Sept-Îles, Port Cartier)