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The 2018 budget announced yesterday by the Federal Government is based on equality and aim at giving a place to some disadvantaged groups. For science, Government injects an important sum via funds. With this approach, the 2018-2019 budget plans to invest almost $4 billion in the country scientific research system.

Those investments, even though useful, do not take into account shipping. SODES greatly expected some dedicated funding to build or buy new ice-breakers. However, the announced measures only allocate $29 million during the next five years to help Canadian Coast Guard to maintain the capacity of its current fleet and $58 million dedicated to the long-term sustainability of its fleet. Those amounts are pittance compare to the emergency of the situation! Find enclosed documents to learn more about 2018-2019 budget sections pertain specifically to commerce and marine transportation.

Click here to read the full 2018-2019 budget.