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The PwC 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, Fit for the future: capitalizing on global trends, documents how CEOs see the global economy evolving this year and beyond, and how they expect to deliver business results.

Transportation and logistics (T&L) CEOs are more optimistic this year, but they still have some big worries, like infrastructure readiness. They’re focusing on developing a strong workforce while talent strategies still need to keep up. And they’re improving their environmental footprint.


Key findings

Transportation and logistics CEOs are still cautious – Over the past several years, they have consistently been less optimistic about future revenue growth than their peers across the overall sample. Confidence is still notably up compared to last year with 45% believing the global economy will improve.

Concerns around energy costs and infrastructure stand out – T&L CEOs continue to worry about high or volatile energy costs. In fact, 76% of T&L CEOs are somewhat or extremely concerned about energy costs compared to 61% last year.

Workforce issues are looming large – T&L CEOs overwhelmingly agree they’ll need to change their talent strategies to cope with future trends. But just 19% are already doing so, compared to a third of CEOs across the overall sample.

And so are environmental concerns – Nearly all T&L CEOs (88%) agree or agree strongly that it’s important for their company to try and reduce their environmental footprint.

As a complement to the key findings for the transportation and logistics industry described above, you may be interested in the Canadian summary or the complete CEO Survey.

We are confident that you will find the enclosure of interest to your business and we welcome your thoughts on the issues and priorities it raises for you, your organization and the opportunity for PwC to assist you.