Committees in which SODES participates

SODES rallies its members around joint positions on key issues relating to the St. Lawrence River’s economic development. SODES sits on various committees and participates in numerous forums on an ongoing basis. The association is also a regular contributor to various activities related to the marine industry and the St. Lawrence River.

Québec Port Authority’s community relations committee

SODES sits on the community relations committee created by the Port of Québec to establish and maintain formal communication channels between the port and the community stakeholders concerned by its activities. The committee also seeks to improve the manner in which port projects are carried out in order to enhance their social acceptability.

Québec Port Authority’s community relations committee

Regional Marine Advisory Council

SODES participates in the meetings of the Regional Marine Advisory Council organized by Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard in order to inform industry stakeholders of the Marine Advisory Board’s work – Quebec region and the progress made on regulation and legislation-related files. SODES presented a report on the Marine Advisory Board – Québec Region’s work at the meeting.

Cost recovery – National Marine Advisory Board (NMAB) subcommittee

In 2013, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) set up a temporary National Marine Advisory Board (NMAB) subcommittee to look into methods for setting marine service fees. More specifically, the subcommittee is mandated to act as a forum for Canada’s marine industry to perform analyses and tests and to express itself as the CCG reviews and updates its method for setting marine service fees, in keeping with the User Fees Act, in order to modify these fees.

National Marine Advisory Board (NMAB)

The National Marine Advisory Board advises the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Commissioner and studies the services the organization offers its clients. It is mandated to create a permanent forum for discussion between the CCG and the Canadian marine industry.

The main files are:

  • Service levels and standards
  • Service delivery
  • Performance measurement


CargoM’s mission is to bring together all players in the logistics and freight of Greater Montreal, whose activities promote the hub of Montreal, around common goals and concerted actions to increase the cohesion, competitiveness, growth and expansion.

Nicole Trépanier, SODES President and Chief Executive Officer, co-chairs CargoM’s Working Group II, called Communications and Outreach. This working group’s mandate is to to establish effective, ongoing communication between all levels of government, the general public and stakeholders, on the economic spinoffs of the transport and logistics sector for Greater Montréal.

Green Marine and the St. Lawrence environment advisory committee

SODES continues to support Green Marine in pursuing its objectives by sitting on the St. Lawrence environment advisory committee in order to study Green Marine’s program so as to improve it and develop new indicators.

Navigation Coordination Committee (NCC) and subcommittees

The NCC committee was put together as part of the St. Lawrence Action Plan, created by Canada-Quebec collaboration on the St. Lawrence River. The committee consists of 25 representatives from the maritime industry, recreational navigation, environmental groups, provincial and federal ministries.

SODES participates in the NCC and its various working groups :

  • Working Group on Ship Speed and Riverbank Erosion
  • Working Group on Marine Traffic and Protection of Marine Mammals (G2T3M)
  • Working Group on Oil Shipping

The Navigation Coordination Committee meetings led to the publication of the Sustainable Navigation Strategy (SNS) in 2004, as well as a second edition in 2015. This strategy aims to adapt the practices of shipping and recreational navigation stakeholders to the following sustainable development principles:

  • Environmental (reduction of environmental impacts)
  • Economic (promotion of shipping)
  • Social (harmonization of uses)

A second edition of the SNS should be available soon. For each of the issues identified in the 2004-2011 action plan, the NCC reported on the work that had been done and the work that must be done in the future for all stakeholders.

Regional roundtable on integrated management of the St. Lawrence, Québec City region

SODES participates in the work of the Trade and Economic Vitality Working Group of the Regional Round Table on Integrated Management of the St. Lawrence. It seeks to promote joint efforts between the regional stakeholders concerned by specific issues related to the St. Lawrence, and contribute to the development, adoption, implementation and follow-up of an integrated regional management plan (PGIR), with the collaboration of the different actors. As part of this working group, a description of the economic activity related to the St. Lawrence for the Québec region will be provided.

Council of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors’ advisory committee

The Council of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors’ members are the governors of the 8 Great Lakes states and representatives from Quebec and Ontario. The Council’s mission is to promote and facilitate sustainable economic growth.

SODES participated in the working group that has helped developped the regional maritime strategy, released on June 15 2016, after many months of work,

Regional Maritime Strategy

Crédit photo : David Bolduc
Photo credit : David Bolduc