SODES invites the people of Québec City and environs to visit its travelling exhibition of artistic marine-sector photos at Pointe-à-Carcy (Port of Québec) from June 5 to July 24. This very unique exhibition, developed by SODES and designed by EXMURO arts publics, features photos of marine infrastructures displayed in an art gallery set up inside a shipping container.

In 2016, SODES had the idea to create a photo exhibition artistically spotlighting marine infrastructures that would travel throughout Québec every summer to show the public industrial sites from a different viewpoint. A professional photographer went to various venues to immortalize ships, port terminals, ports and locks. Under the impetus of EXMURO arts publics, the exhibition’s basic structure took the form of a shipping container reworked into an art gallery as a nod to its maritime character.

After its run here, the shipping container will move to different cities across the province until the fall.

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