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The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is kicking off the new year by presenting its 2017-2019 strategic plan, a tool that results from wide-ranging consultation of SODES members. Interviews (group and individual) and two workshops were organized and led by an outside consultant in order to clearly define members’ priorities and needs.

The full version of the strategic plan is available on the SODES website. Here is a brief outline:

SODES’ vision:

  • Be the leader in responsible marine-sector promotion and economic development.

Strategic orientations:

Engage: Engage our members and act as a united front

  • Review SODES’ communications tools (toolbox) to make them more member-oriented
  • Coordinate a communications plan for promoting the industry with our members to encourage them to convey a uniform message
  • Communicate our members’ position and work on consensus-building with our associative partners

Represent: Broaden our influence with decision-makers

  • Secure positive spinoffs from government initiatives related to the marine sector
  • Establish partnerships with other economic and social players
  • Broaden our membership and consider new niches
  • Represent SODES’ position on certain issues

Promote: Promote the marine sector

  • Continue the promotional campaign
  • Inform elected officials, the media and the public via the Maritime Information Bureau (MIB) and the Marine Information System (MIS)
  • Make greater use of social media to reach other audiences

This exercise enabled us to draw up a strategic plan that defines SODES’ role within Québec’s maritime community and that will enhance its distinctive character. The SODES team is already working on implementing the 2017-2019 strategic plan.