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MIB Info Update: Marine Mammals and Underwater Noise

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In response to an article that ran in the daily newspapers Journal de Québec and Journal de Montréal on May 7, 2016, we would like to set a few facts straight regarding underwater noise caused by shipping traffic and its impact on marine mammals. The Marine Information Bureau would like to point out that:

1. No autopsy
As mentioned in the article, no autopsy was carried out on the small whale found beached at Saint-Nicolas on May 1. As a result, it is impossible to know whether this marine mammal’s hearing system was damaged and whether there really is a relation between underwater noise and that fact that it ran ashore.

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MIB Info Update: tankers on the St. Lawrence River

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Concerning a column published on February 6, 2016 in the Journal de Québec and the Journal de Montréal, some clarification is necessary on tankers navigating the St. Lawrence River. The MIB would like to point out that:

1. Supertankers
No supertanker has ever travelled the St. Lawrence. By definition, a supertanker is a ship carrying oil and measuring more than 400 m in length. The maximum length of ships navigating the St. Lawrence is currently about 300 m.